Dogs $40/Night

$70/Night for 2 dogs


*Boarded dogs not picked up by 11:00AM day of pickup will be charged an additional Day Care fee for that day.   


Boarding Facilities


Your pet will LOVE having a sleepover with us. Not only do they get to play with their furry friends, they are in the hands of our knowledgeable, attentive, and caring employees. Each of our pet guests are provided a supervised morning and afternoon "playtime" in our spacious and fenced-in yards. A noon to 2:30 pm "Quiet Time" is observed in the middle of their day.All of our kennels have indoor and outdoor (both covered and non covered) areas with access via "doggie doors"



Drop Off/Pick Up Time:


Monday - Friday:        7:30 am - 11:00 am  

                                       3:00 pm-   5:30 pm  

Saturday & Sunday:   8:00 am - 11:00 am

                                       3:00 pm -  5:00 pm



Cancellation Policy - We have a 1 week advance policy for canceling daycare and boarding reservations during holiday and peak vacation periods. Should it be necessary to cancel after this 1 week period, you are expected to pay for any unfilled reservations.


Regarding Vaccinations - Please email Proof of Vaccination to us along with the Boarding Form.


Be forewarned: If your pet does not have the proper vaccinations and / or you are unable to provide the necessary records prior to checking in, please realize we will be unable board your pet. An additional $25.00 fee will be incurred if it is necessary for us to verify vaccination information with your vet.


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Requirements and Vaccinations


We require valid Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella vaccinations for ALL dogs entering our facility.


Please download and fill out the appropriate Boarding Admissions forms below. You may email your completed form to us at or bring it with you when dropping off your pet for its vacation at our comfortable and safe full-service kennel.


What to expect when your pet comes home? 


Your dog may pant, and drink a lot of water, just due to over excitement from seeing you, and being home again. They do have constant access to water, so they may not even be thirsty, just excited! This may also happen with food. Wait a while before feeding your pup at home, over excitement may cause them to eat too quickly, and get an upset stomach.


*Your pups get lots of exercise and stimulation while they are here. When they get home they may be very tired for the next few days. Just like when you return from vacation, they'll need some time to rest.